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Day Trips

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Secret Garden hotel has now extended our services to offer Day trips to various places in collaboration with Nomad Explorer Tours

The following are some of the packages we offer:-

Marangu Cultural Tour

Experience life on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and visit Marungu, a quaint village that offers a fascinating insight into the lives of the Chagga people.


Kikuletwa Hotspring

Kikuletwa hot spring is among the best natural water springs found in the Kilimanjaro region though here there’s is much to explore ranging from cultures,


Kilimanjaro Day Hike

This one day hike will take you to the starting point of the Marangu Route (1,970m), which is located approximately one hour from Moshi


Arusha NP Game Drive

Arusha National Park can be reached by means of an easy 60-minute drive north west from Moshi or 30 minutes from Arusha.


Tarangire National Park

Pack your baggage and join this exciting 1-day safari holiday in Tanzania! During this safari, you will go on extensive.


Materuni Coffee Tour

This one day hike will take you to the starting point of the Marangu Route (1,970m), which is located approximately one hour from Moshi


Maasai Village Overnight Trip

Our Ultimate Maasai Village Overnight trip is a very unique package and it starts from Secret Garden Moshi. It provides full cultural lifestyle of Maasai.


Ngorongoro Crater Day Trip

This is a short Safari tour departs from Moshi that gives visitors great chance to visit the famous Ngorongoro Crater in the northern circuit tour destination of Tanzania.


Lake Manyara ND Day Trip

Lake Manyara National Park gives a spectacular one-day trip that includes wildlife-viewing and an opportunity to learn about the everyday lives of Tanzanian villagers.


Lake Challa Day Trip

Lake Chala, also known as Dschalla, is crater in caldera on the Borders of Kenya and Tanzania on the eastern edge of Mount Kilimanjaro,


Moshi Town Walking Tour

Take a walk to small town of Moshi while experiencing Town Markets, Old Railway Station, Souvenir Stores and Local Culture.


Moshi Bike Day Tour

Our guided Moshi Bike Tour is popular for a reason. It’s 20km so it’s long enough to be an adventure but it’s not exactly the Tour de France.