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Social Support

We care not only about our guests but also our local community and the environment too!

Some activities we do to ensure we are an ethical business include;

  • We host African impact with a free space where they can run Maasai literacy and English lessons. The classes provide our staff and a number of adults from the surrounding community an opportunity to avail of free and holistic education.
  • We run trivia nights on a regular basis to support local projects. Events are run in collaboration with the African Impact Foundation to support a government home for the elderly and women’s groups.
  • The Secret Garden facilitate a set of ‘Development Discussions’ which provide a platform for NGOs, guests and individuals who are interested in social issues to discuss development issues facing society in Moshi. The meetings encourage networking, collaboration and learning among those interested in development in the area.
  • We support social enterprises such as Tatu and Wakipa, both groups sell their products from our hotel for free. All profit is put back into the social enterprises for further growth and development.
  • We believe in providing opportunities. We are committed to creating professionals not recruiting them. When it comes to our staff we invest time into professional development and offering opportunities to those who may not have had the financial means to pay for costly training colleges and courses. We seek out honest, determined individuals and mold them into hospitality professionals. All staff have availed of training in; customer service, first aid, hygiene and catering and much more!